When Did This Happen?

I see pictures
People who used to be 13
Will always be 13, to me
Who look older now, are older
Faces have lines, bodies heavier
Who have children of their own
Glaze over the past
As if in a hazy, distant dream
A life that used to be everything 
I can’t go there —
It hurts too much
I don’t understand time
I struggle with it 
Like a picture I can’t quite make out
But so desperately want to see
I try again and again
I miss those days
I felt like I knew myself
In a different, more honest
More purely optimistic way
I didn’t struggle quite so much
I know it wasn’t easy
But it feels like it was
Looking back now 




With just one click
I can save the world!
End overfishing, animal abuse, factory farming
Stop climate change in its tracks
I feel good
Knowing I did something
And then I eat sushi, take a drive to Marin
And wait for the next action item