Urban Composting

Today I spent three hours with some wonderful people – now friends – divying out free compost to local SF residents courtesy of Recology, SF Environment and Garden for the Environment.  Wow I love this city.  Residents showed up with buckets, pails, and even a laundry bin to collect the compost to bring home.  We had a total of 7 people show up, which isn’t bad for a Wednesday afternoon.  Some people collected compost while others inquired as to when we were there and what the program was all about.  I’m personally excited because I get to learn more about the ins and outs of composting myself, but it’s not hard to come across composting in SF: it’s mandated by law.  Yes, you will be fined if you’re caught throwing away a banana peel in a trash can.  And honestly, why shouldn’t you?  We should be reusing food scraps for energy and compost, it just makes logical sense.  In a city like SF, there’s especially no excuse not to compost as those green bins are easily accessible and everywhere.  The city even provides residential compost bins, free of charge, which get dropped off at your door.  In fact, SF recovers a remarkable 77% of the materials it discards, bringing the city closer to its goal of zero waste by 2020.   Not too shabby.  Come on other major American cities, let’s get on the ball and follow suit!